Anonymous Brasil – A Primavera Chegou

Esta é uma mensagem a partir de uma idéia, de um povo, de uma nação.

This is a message from an idea, of one people, of one nation.
There we face, we are all in one, a species that screams for freedom while dragging your chains of slavery.
We have seen our rights being curtailed slowly, we live in a democratic masked, false, where society has no voice.
Where are repressed in one of the most basic rights of every citizen.
The right to freedom of expression and manifestation.
We are not induced continually thinking and questioning, but accepting the abuse not fitting of a corrupt government, fascist, manipulative.
We are just cattle on a your farms, a huge farm called Brazil.
Major producer of raw material extracted by slave hands, corn, soy, sugar cane, cotton, coal, meat, ore.
An extensive fertile soil in the possession of criminals, leeches are nourished by the riches of this country, pull the leather worker with exorbitant taxes, taxes, unfair tariffs, while increasingly followed in sub human living conditions, poorly paid.
We are being swept away slowly into the abyss of oblivion and neglect, condemned to servitude, restricted rights, culture, education, health care, we no longer have.
Condemned to follow in this giant farm, extracting raw material without having access to it, produce alcohol but we paid the price of gold, we plant and we harvest food but our children die of hunger, they give the ore but are condemned poverty.
Everything is exported, are not investing in technology, human development.
A delay occurs economic returning
As if all this were not enough, we are bombarded day after day with scandals and political corruption scandals.
We have an extremely high the tax burden and unfair and much of this money ends up in the pockets of bad politicians, every year, millions and millions being stolen from public coffers and the country stagnated attends this festival robbery.
They make the laws in their favor, they send and resend.
We are victims of a mega gang, politicians, bankers, businessmen, speculators.
Manipulate the economy as well want fake bids, enrich our expense and nothing happens unless we take a step back every corrupt act.
It is past time for us Brazilians take action.
And this attitude has to be taken now.
The people are awaking, are taking to the streets, no longer fear but this gang of unscrupulous thieves, bad elements that brought to power.
And yes, they have to start worrying about us.
Awake Brazil, shows your, face.
We are not cowards, nor omitted.
He who is not ready to die for their rights and their freedom did not deserve.
We must organize and fight strategically and intelligently.
Informing, instructing and acting in an organized manner.
The virus anonymous has been launched and injected into the blood of every indignant and revolted.
We have an epidemic, the country is quarantined.
And they will not succeed contain us.
Raise warriors, and fight, conquer a tomorrow where the sun shines for justice and equality in an endless spring.
Where we can lie down in green pastures, and flowering and rejoice in the certainty of victory, fight and win.
This year spring came early in Brazil.
And you will see that your son does not run from a fight.
We are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget.
Wait for us!!!

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